Mindhood flips the current tech culture through mindful digital habits and in-person relationships resulting in happier, healthier communities.


of our students report being happier using technology with intention. Mindhood can help.

Mindhood Comes to Dartmouth


Over the course of the last eleven years, cell phones have shifted the way students communicate. Are we building authentic and intentional relationships? Research shows a direct correlation between tech use and an increase in depression being reported.

What We Do

Mindhood takes traditional mindfulness training into the digital age.  When people are able to recognize the correlations between their digital habits and their time and energy management skills, it  impacts their mood, focus and productivity.  When done in tandem with peer communities, they report an increase in happiness.

Mindhood at Dartmouth

Over the summer of 2018, nearly 200 students put down their phones, practiced mindfulness and were offered daily challenges to do more in community, with their peers


Mindhood is launching The LookUp Campaign

The LookUp Campaign encourages all of us to look up from our phones and engage in real life. Whether talking to one another face to face, finding moments of silence and solitude, or spending time in nature, we have the opportunity to reclaim lost moments.

Who’s leading the Movement