Digital Wellness: Screenwise Families

new york | march 2019

This groundbreaking digital wellness event consists of a pre-screening of the film Child, Disrupted followed by a panel of Digital Wellness experts from Digital Wellness Collective.

The film explores this question: as a society, are we in danger of raising a generation of children disrupted by the overuse of technology?

a mindful society conference

toronto | may 2019

Mindful leaders from around the world come to Toronto to share keynote speeches, cutting edge research, case studies and mindfulness practice sessions. The inclusive conference welcomes all curious participants to explore different applications of mindfulness, regardless of background, professional industry, personal beliefs or personal practice.

One Breakout Session features Susan Reynolds exploring the Digital Wellness Movement.  On Saturday, May 25th, Susan will moderate a multidisciplinary panel including: Nina Hersher, Dr. Anna Lomanowska, and Gabi Jubran.  These experts will share their research and explore Mindfulness as the Epicenter of the Digital Wellness Movement.

tech no? uploading a mindful life in the digital age

concord, ma | january 5, 2019

Parents and teens, we all look at screens for hours – what does science say about our habits? Current neuroscientific evidence reveals what happens in our brains and bodies when we connect digitally vs. in person, and how this relates to well-being. Join us for a special conversation with Susan Reynolds of Mindhood, a bi-coastal benefit corporation that offers in-person digital mindful wellness training, and Lara Wilson of Be Well Be Here, Concord’s non-profit mindful wellness collaborative. Learn how Mindhood’s research with young adults reveals ways in which screen time impacts mood, intention, relationships, and wellness. Try a few quick experiments to see how digital habits may be impacting your actions and reactions, and discover ways to shift toward choices that enhance overall health.

copenhagen tech fest

copenhagen | september 2018

Our Workshops at TechFest 2018

digital wellness, exploring approaches to mindful tech

Technology is constantly evolving, incredible yet pervasive, challenging us to establish best practices for mental health and socialization. Join us at this Meetup to learn how intentional tech practices are being used to both prevent and recover from burnout and sensory overload. Discover strategies for young professionals to sustain wellness in the digital age, and methods for university students to create mindful, digitally aware communities. Shift your tech habits from those that fatigue you to those that fuel you, and find the optimal balance between productivity and self-care in an era of overstimulation.

In our Digital Wellness mini-series, we look into the growing number of tools and strategies, both holistic and tech-based, to help participants achieve optimal productivity and wellness in the digital age. Experts and university students share their experiences.

digital wellness for children: families, friendships, and education

Do you spend a lot of time on YouTube, Snapchat, or playing Fortnite? Do your parents struggle to understand everything that is going on in your online life? We live in an ever-evolving digital world, and sometimes it can be difficult for different generations to understand each other. Join us for an interactive and fun workshop where you will learn how to use technology selectively and connect with friends and family. Learn strategies that will help you, family and friends find the balance between being on and off screens. Playfully explore the lure of screens in a drama activity designed for all ages, and join us in a guided meditation where we explore our feelings on technology and then turn them into an art project. Open to children, teenagers, and family members.