pilot program

Mindhood takes traditional mindfulness and mentorship models into the digital age.  Does training students to recognize the correlations between their digital habits and their time and energy management skills impact their mood, focus and productivity?  When done in tandem with a mentor or in peer communities, does it reduce the current stress, anxiety, and depression that college students are increasingly experiencing?  Stay tuned as we work to find out!


  • Junior/Senior mentors paired with college first years/sophomores
  • Recent college graduates paired with college first years


  • Technology use and time-management skills
  • Community building/peer leadership skills
  • Fitness, healthy eating, productive study habits, and respectful gender interactions
  • All connecting back to healthy technology use and in-person community building.


  • All participants will get a mindhood journal to practice daily gratitude and to track progress.


We are also launching “My Hood” on MINDHOOD.com an online community ecosystem where you can connect with others, find resources, track your daily mood and see graphs and charts of your progress. The idea is to help you make mindful choices and to see the effect your choices have on your community and your mood.