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Why we came together:

Mindhood came about because the college experience has shifted dramatically since the advent of the cell phone. Technology and social media overuse have taken a debilitating toll on college students and as a result:

    • 40% of students report feeling so depressed it is difficult to function.
    • 61% of students said they “felt overwhelming anxiety” during the year.
    • 16 million students drop out of college annually, ⅓ of whom report mental health issues as the cause.


Mindhood hopes to flip the current tech-addicted culture with a proprietary texting platform and in-person digital wellness trainings focused on mindfulness. Students will receive daily, interactive texts that offer mood tracking, intention and gratitude setting, and fun, mini challenges that support in-person community building through reduction of technology use. In combination with a series of in-person mindfulness trainings, mindhood hopes to create healthier and happier college communities.