Susan Reynolds 

Susan has 20 years of experience developing strategies that balance the impact of 24/7 digital connectivity. In 1997 Susan founded ABC Legacy which is committed to helping people power down from their devices, learn technology awareness, and use mindfulness practices to minimize digital distractions for professional, academic, athletic and personal success. Her work is based in the belief that reducing screen time and integrating mindful practices with a healthy use of technology will help children and adults focus and thrive in the age of digital distraction. Susan researches, writes, teaches and speaks on the current issues with technology, seeking solutions to the increasingly fast-paced and distractible nature of digital devices and social media. She consults to schools, companies and families, different presentations, programs and consulting models including mindful test preparation and an assessment of family technology use. Susan graduated from Dartmouth College and has an M.Ed from Tufts University.


Laura Wooster: Collaborative and passionate marketing leader with 20+ years of experience in insurance, wellness, and financial services – including advertising (digital, print and TV), branding, creative services, communications, digital marketing and strategy, execution and planning, market research, marketing talent development, public relations, social media, and strategic marketing. Active volunteer and industry speaker.

Andrew Dunn: Elevating the human condition by intentionally shaping technology to serve as an agent of flourishing individuals, institutions, and societies. Enthusiastic about supporting the ecosystems cultivating the next generation of changemakers and businesses that align with the best interests of people and the planet.

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